Mistah Wilson walks all of Figueroa Street to demonstrate Courage (Street Sign Photography)

You probably didn't hear too much about it...if any at all. Regardless of tha fact, Mistah Wilson led a 23mile Walk effort from San Pedro to 1st in Los
Angeles. Joining him was fellow artist and entrepreneur Dominic Poole, who was the X factor in many of these extensive walks for causes, and Mina Wildcard, a local poet from University Park near USC.

It was the end of July 2016. Yea, that means the
Sun was kicking our butt. Unhindered, we met at Fig & 7th in Downtown Los Angeles. We caught
the blue line to Long Beach and another local bus over the bridge to San Pedro. As soon as we got off the bus, we began our 23mile journey on foot straight up Figueroa Street to 1st & Spring. 

It was called Tha Courageous 23mile Walk for Courage from San Pedro to Los Angeles City Hall. I remember it was during tha time Black
Lives Matter was camped outside of City Hall and Police Headquarters in attempt to fire LAPD Chief Charlie Beck. I had a different plan in mind. To be a role model. To exert my energy in a positive, productive way. And to take another step in the right direction. 

You see, people don't see the significance in these walks. But, that's usually because they haven't come to truly recognize the power they have
within themselves. I sought to walk all of Figueroa Street. That was my intention. Along the way, we passed that McDonald's on Imperial Hwy & Figueroa Street. That's the same McDonald's my foster parents would bring me to visit with my biological mom on the weekends. It was a trip seeing it renovated. They took away the play place, too. I don't know what they were thinking. 

We walked in the Summer heat through a good portion of industrial territory. With little to no stores in sight, we grew thirsty. I began taking street sign photos to document the walk, but I
kinda found it pointless since I already have plenty of streets North of Redondo Beach Boulevard. As we made our way out of the Harbor Area, the Sheriff pulled up on us and asked us what we were doing. We were probably looking a little burnt out lol. When we told the cop that we're on a photo walk to 1st Street in Downtown LA, the first thing that probably came to his mind was he ain't about to give us a ride lol. So, he let us off the hook. 

Photos documenting this walk has taken way too long to come out. The meaning behind "Tha Courageous 23mile Walk for Courage" is simply
just that. On my mission to help end gang violence, I know most gang members wouldn't dare walk all of Figueroa Street. And I understand why. But, my point is to break barriers and appreciate my brothers and sisters while they're here. While we can still help each other reach new heights. Essentially, this was my way of progressively demonstrating 'courage', if that makes sense lol. It was something I knew I could do. And I seen the power in it. 
We passed it all, man. The University of Southern California and Exposition Park. The Coliseum. We literally walked right pass the Starbucks we all
met at just that morning. At the end of the walk, there was no parade. I Gold Lined it back to Pasadena as Dominic Poole caught the bus home in another direction. He really went out of his way to see this one through. And after we finished, Dominic fulfilled his One Million Foot Commitment for Causes and Charity. 


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