5 Inspirational Sports Movies Your Kids Should Watch

Movies are a great way to send a message. Whether for good, bad, or plain ol' entertainment, you can count on Hollywood to deliver. But, even though explicit movies have their respective audience, Hollywood manages to bring us inspiration through films like Coach Carter, Freedom Writers, The Blind Side, etc...

In tha early-mid 2000's, I've noticed a trend of inspirational movies hitting tha box office in January. More times than not, tha inspirational flick usually has to do with some type of sport. Personally, I think it's a great angle. Tha dynamics surrounding sports and how they are played demonstrate values and principles that are useful in everyday life. Team work, dedication, humility.

In today's world, children don't stand a chance. Please excuse my figurative speech, but the negative influence of mainstream media is not giving our children viable options. They need something that encourages them to work IN their best interest. This is why it's good to involve your kids in socially athletic activities. Something that can occupy their time in a positive, productive way while instilling things in them that can open their minds and hearts.

We want our children to be critical thinkers, not mindless consumers. In this article, we list 5 sport-related inspirational movies and summarize how they can have a positive lasting impact on your children. Because if children are our future, then we need to prepare them.


#1 "Coach Carter" - Coach Carter is such a great movie. For anyone with a heart, this awe-inspiring , played by tha legendary Samuel L. Jackson, was tha best man for tha role. A humble sports shopCarter correlates basketball with education that teaches his student players self-discipline and structure. Coach Carter goes to tha length of sacrificing his job as Head Coach of the basketball team to send a message that he wants his players to go to college. Through it all, tha student players gain understanding and a newfound respect for Coach Carter. This movie underlines tha importance in getting an education and developing a plan for your future. If there was one word I'd use to describe this movie, it would be "Excellent".

#2 "Remember the Titans" - Denzel Washington delivers a heartwarming performance as head coach of high school football team who struggles with racism, segregation, and getting along. This movie shows us why we should value each other's lives while we have tha opportunity. To understand how critical it is to communicate and work as a team to achieve tha common goal. Denzel's role exemplifies tha quality character leadership expected from a coach. This movie is a triumphant win!

#3 "42" - This movie is nothing short of incredible! Of course, you're always going to hear people complain that tha movie wasn't a fraction of Robinson's life. But, lets regain perspective here. Before I saw this movie, I had a vague idea of who Robinson was outside of being an African-American baseball player. But, when I saw tha movie, I was struck with so much inspiration that I started what I call tha Robinson Boulevard Initiative, an initiative to ultimately rename Washington Boulevard in Pasadena, CA as we know it to tha nation's first ever Robinson Boulevard. Suddenly, I realized I was a living testament to tha impact his legacy has left on Pasadena, CA. And so I led a 42mile Walk for Love, Peace, & Unity in honor of Jackie Robinson from East Pasadena to Leimert Park. Today, as I reflect, any movie packing that much power and influence over a young person such as myself deserves a street named in his honor. So that his story may inspire tha next generation of leaders, athletes, and artists. Trust, I can talk to you all day about this inspirational stuff lol.

#4 "Ali" - The people's champ. Truly tha Greatest of all Time...in and out tha ring. Tha movie about tha life and career of Muhammad Ali is riveting, compelling, and retains a high replay value. Ali displays strong character under pressure and through major opposition. He stands firm in his beliefs and was very vocal about his stance. He's coined quotes that encouraged generations after him to recognize tha power they have within themselves. He was a warrior. Having won and lost multiple times, Muhammad Ali is a great example to teach kids tha virtues of becoming a true champion.

#5 "The Blindside" - Everyone knows how great Sandra Bullock is. In a way, she reminds me of an on-screen Mariah Carey. The Blindside is a great movie that shows tha potential of inner-city youth... Youth that usually never get a shot at being that which they envision for themselves. It showed me that YOU gotta believe in YOU. Hard work, dedication, and perseverance will yield results. It goes to show that even if you come from tha roughest neighborhood, you have a purpose and something very special to offer tha world. This movie also showed how everyone is "worth it". When your environment operates at a low frequency, people around you intentionally try ti kill your dreams because they have no outline for their own lives. When there are nothing but negative influences around. When you have a hard time trusting or being social. Just hang in there. You will break through. And it will be real...and justified. This movie yells compassion, a quality trait we should all have for each other.

These are 5 movies I would recommend any parent or kid reading this to watch. Give yourself a chance to know that tha world is a big enough place to broaden your horizons. Feed yourself positive, uplifting information that will carry you through adverse situations. We're drowning in a rapid flood of information, so choose your food wisely.

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