Manyang Reath Kher launches 734 Coffee to Empower People of Sudan
Manyang Reath Kher is nothing short of genius! Against all odds, tha young striver survivor continues to evolve into tha inspirational figure he's known to be. Through the Humanity Helping Sudan Project, Manyang Reath Kher has been doing some amazing things to bring awareness and sufficiency to the Sudanese region. From the #Feed50k campaign to Donate-A-Prayer, HHSP is proving to have a sincerely genuine concern for the displaced refugees who are/were victims of war.

In a climate where refugees are often times categorized with the stigma around 'immigrants', it's challenging to hear tha voice of those who advocate for them. However, in this case, with Manyang's compelling story of adversity & triumph, he has clearly broken through tha spectrum. And Today, he is raising money to empower the people of Sudan through a new and exclusive coffee that is actually harvested in African soil.

Let's not forget, South Sudan is tha world's newest country. With that said, tha things that Kher is doing for his people is critical. Not to discredit other activists and advocates for their people/country, but Manyang has put his entire country on his back. We're not talking a city block or state. We're talking a whole country to help bring to self-sustainability. It's a lifetime mission, but Manyang has definitely been taking all tha necessary steps in tha right direction. 

In an effort to stimulate fundraising so that tha people of Sudan may become self-reliant, Manyang
launched 734 Coffee, a coffee harvested by the people of Sudan so that they may enable themselves to grow. When asked why tha name "734", it was explained that 734 (or 7.9220°N and 34.1532°E) are the geographical coordinates for Gambela, a region in Ethipoia where over 200,000 South Sudanese citizens take refuge. The refugees of Gambela are in desperate need of aid, so tha Humanity Helping Sudan Project is dedicating excessive time and energy to provide a sustainable future for them. Every 8oz bag purchased provides funds to raise chickens, create fishing nets, and grow crops. Through the sale of 734 Coffee and your help, the refugees may be able to learn the skills necessary to live a life untethered from donations and aid.

Humanity Helping Sudan/Ethiopia Project is a charitable organization that creates awareness of the refugee crisis. Their mission is to educate refugee groups and individuals to achieve self-sufficiency so that camps can become communities.

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