Street Photography Of 1980s New York By Jamel Shabazz

At this point, who doesn’t want to go back to the older days? Well today Jamel Shabazz, a Brooklyn-born photographer does that with his latest collection of photographs. Today we get a look at some Street Photography Of 1980s New York By Jamel Shabazz. This brilliant and eye-catching collection features the style, the camaraderie, and culture of the era, which found the emergence of hip hop taking root.

The images showcase the style, the attitude and more of the city while providing an eye-catching look at the process. Speaking about his images, he shared with Vogue that “During the era of conscious rap and hip-hop, artists like KRS-One or Queen Latifah, Public Enemy, it was about culture, so I saw a lot of racial pride, I saw people wearing traditional African garments, kente cloth—celebrating their history and culture”. He went on to state “I thought that was a very interesting time. It wasn’t about a lot of the bling that would take place later on in the 1990s. People wore clothes to represent themselves, taking pride and care with their appearance, regardless of economic status”. Check out the images below and speak your thoughts on them after the jump. Check out more of Jamel Shabazz’s work immediately!

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