#BringingItTogether October 2016 Photo Shoot Sparks Inspiration for tha Future!

It was planned about 2 weeks in advance. Mistah Wilson, who's developed and honed relationships with residents in tha greater Pasadena community, collaborated with a local portrait photographer Percy L. Johnson to bring you the #BringingItTogether October 2016 Photo Shoot. For those who don't know, tha #BringingItTogether movement was created as a way to unite tha local music scene by having artists takes pictures together demonstrating values such as love, peace, & unity. By doing this, we have tha power to influence our future in a positive way.

When the photo shoot was initially announced, it still felt like
Summer in Southern California. Tha night before tha event, tha news reported that there was a high risk for a rainstorm, something that would compromise tha photo shoot since it was held outdoors in McDonald Park. "Just my luck," said Mistah Wilson, who began to feel tha pressure of failure. But tha powers of a positive mind outshine tha darkness.

Everybody remained positive, and tha sun came out! One after another, artists started showing up. "Their craft services were on point," says Butch Thompson. We served pizza, cookies, clear and dark soda, water, and ice. Pasadena artist Gangsta Ric brought his daughter and everyone genuinely enjoyed themselves. Tha vibe felt like one big studio session. Artists who showed up for tha #BringingItTogether 2016 Photo Shoot were Khriz-Z, who came all tha way from San Bernardino to participate, Scribes One from Seattle, Jangles, Butch Thompson, Moe Grams, Sweet Tee, Concept, Chrishawn Frierson, Percy Johnson, Ms. Jeanine, Carl Walton, Jackie Valadez, and Bing Bing.

Tha beautiful thing about this event is that even though nobody really knew each other, we were able to come together for a common cause and embrace our differences," explains Mistah Wilson. As a token of our appreciation for artists who participate in tha movement, every artist gets ONE free professional portrait of themselves to use for their own purposes. Artists can show up every month and get a free, professional picture to build their portfolio. It was a good turn out. It was so good that tha anticipation is building for tha next one on November 26th, 2016. 

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