ShowOutKiids (SOKG) from Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Rap / Hip Hop / R&B))

S.O.K! SOKG is a group resigned in Milwaukee WI. spread all out through the bay area! Music plays a very important role in our lives. It's important that we make it!
Our dream is to shoot for the stars, watching out for all roadblocks and speed bumps on our road to success.

SOKG Entertainment and Production Company Milwaukee,Bay Area music group with dreams of pursuing dreams. Our goal is to impress the people and accumulate funds for our group and any sponsor or investor who believes. SOKG is broken down into many subgroups representing the acronym SOKG
Later in success we plan to introduce the world to more talents like comedy, which will bring us ShowOutKomedians
The ShowOutMovement
SOKG plans to be beneficial all over the world. As far as our community we plan to show lots of corporate social responsibility.
When we formed SOKG oursenior year in high school, attending Antioch high School in Antioch Ca. we basically just fed off of MacDre's Hyphy movement
But back to the entertainment of SOKG ENT.
SOKG seeks the help that would help us distribute our product, we need a lending hand that understands the struggle, not only the struggle but the drive on our road to success.

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