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The History of MTV Cribs


MTV Cribs debuted its first episode on September 20th, 2000. The show aired during MTV's late-night block called the 10 spot. Created by Nina L. Diaz, Cribs showcased the homes of various celebrities, from actors, to musicians, to athletes. Homes ranged from the smallest of apartments to the biggest mansions imaginable. Cribs was an immediate success.


The show had large scale specials dedicated to one celebrity or group, such as the Mariah Carey episode, 50 cent mansion tour, b2k edition, jackass edition, also spawning several spin-offs (Teen Cribs, CMT Cribs, Extreme Cribs). Several examples of fakery have surfaced, involving 50 Cent, Ja Rule, Jojo, Robbie Williams, 3LW, and Bow Wow (Lil Bow Wow).

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