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Songs You Should Hear: Lots of Soul and Self-Discovery


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Anyway, onto this week’s Songs You Should Hear…

Artist: BEZ ft. Odd Moon and 2Dolla
Genre: Hip hop
Why You Should Hear It: Featuring mesmerizing verses and a hypnotic trap-hop instrumental, this “fun ride of confidence and braggadocio” is the latest offering from BEZ’s forthcoming TRAP SABBATH album, set to arrive on 4/20.

Artist: Noelle McFarland
Song: Under It
Genre: Pop/R&B
Why You Should Hear It: If you like soulful pop that marches toward empowerment with steadfast resolve, this is for you. McFarland doesn’t seek revenge on a toxic ex through malice, but through turning her attention toward radical independence, self-love, and personal growth.

Artist: Sid Seth
Song: Hopeless War
Genre: Pop/Soul
Why You Should Hear It: This gorgeous, funk-influenced tune was inspired by an all-too-common occurrence: a conflict between partners that spirals so far out of control, that it leaves both parties wondering how it began — or where to go from here.

“I was playing pretty chords on a summer’s Friday night. Looking back, I was not having the most “Friday night” experience with what was going on in my head,” Sid told UMC. “It’s funny how, in most situations when I’m not having the best time, I’ll try making something sound happier than it is. And then, I just started singing the line, ‘Where do we go now?,’ and I really enjoyed it. I built the rest of the song, except the final bridge, that night.”

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