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Bethany Music Releases New Live Album ‘Live From New Orleans’

Baton Rouge, LA
Amid a season of uncertainty, acclaimed music collective Bethany Music returns with the powerful album Live From New Orleans. Recorded live at the Bethany Church New Orleans campus in May 2022, singles “Just One Drop” and “OMG” herald a season of victory after supernatural breakthrough.

“This album is one of the most exciting projects I’ve ever been a part of. To be able to lift up a kingdom sound of worship in one of the darkest cities is so special. I know these songs are going to bless the body and draw people who don’t know Him into a new understanding of the love of God for everyone,” said Worship Leader BJ Putnam.

Led by Putnam and team members including Danielle Burns, Nick Day, and Charlin Neal, the recording boasts 13 original tracks rooted in spiritual truth. Penned as Bethany Church stepped out to plant their New Orleans campus amid spiritual opposition, it captures the spiritual hunger of their community.

“It felt like we were releasing a declaration over the land that this place that once was an altar of debauchery and wickedness would be turned into a place of worship, holy love, and righteousness,” said Burns.

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