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PHOTOS: Blu DeTiger at The Basement East

Those who were fortunate enough to catch Blu DeTiger on her Blu DeTour this fall were treated to something completely fresh in the modern music landscape. Blu’s charisma and extraordinary technical prowess (alongside her ability to remind us that bass is, indeed, a lead instrument) work together to create a dynamic and unforgettable live show. Blu’s sound and swagger could fill an arena — and we have no doubt that day is coming, sooner rather than later.

That brings us to this past Tuesday night at The Basement East. Blu’s 14-song set included enough pop hooks and showmanship to draw in the casual fan, while presenting an intricate blend of funk, Motown, and a dash of psychedelic rock influences to appeal to those with sophisticated musical tastes. From the funky flair of new single, “Elevator,” through the 70s rock and roll-inspired haze of cuts like “Kinda Miss You” and the dreamy “Tangerine,” to the modern pop sensibility of “Blondes” and the triumphant set closer “Vintage,” the set flowed seamlessly, creating a live music experience not to be missed.

Also, Blu’s ability to create memorable moments for her audience is next-level. With bass in tow, she ventured offstage early in the set to jam with the fans in attendance. Later on, she invited an audience member onstage to jam with the band. The audience member in question — a Nashville-based bassist named Hayden — brought 13 years of performance experience to duel with Blu in a bass-off of epic proportions.

Cool vibes were the order of the evening long before Blu hit the stage. Opening sets from the upbeat JDM Global and the golden-voiced Tiffany Day got us feeling good with vibrant alt-pop anthems to start the night.



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