Sunday Replay: What is ‘Good’ Selfish? Giving Ourselves Flexibility and a Chance to Recharge

Before the weekend is through, kick back and enjoy some thoughtful clips from our Official Podcast, The Quinn Spinn.

These conversations highlight the creative process, as well as ways to show up better for ourselves, so that we have more to give. If you want more where this came from, make sure you hit the links below and subscribe!

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There’s a difference between “good” selfish and “bad” selfish, and we explored that difference when Foundation Mecca joined The Quinn Spinn last month.

Being in constant “go-mode” for months or even years at a time is a recipe for burnout.

Ria Barkr recently came onto The Quinn Spinn, and shared how a trip back home to rural Virginia helped her return creatively refreshed.

As we discussed with 0-brien, Rigid planning can be the enemy of progress.

When we build our plans with room for the nuances of life and creativity, great things happen.

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