LeGrand Whitt talks R&B Music, Crips & Bloods, & His Latest Album "Let's Keep It Real" (Full Interview)

"A lot of babies came from R&B music. And people are searching for that soulful feeling in music to fill that spiritual hole in their lives and hearts." -LeGrand Whitt

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Mistah Wilson: Yo, LeGrand! What's good, fam!? Honored to have you here with us for this exclusive interview with ThaWilsonBlock Magazine. Before we get into your album "Let's Keep It Real", what inspired you to get into R&B music?
LeGrand Whitt: I was inspired by my Favorite Aunt LaVern Stewart who sang in the church choir at Union Baptist Church to sing in church. “Rest in Heaven.” I started singing in the church youth choir. And one day my Amazing Dad Willie L. Whitt heard me singing and he took me to the basement and introduced me to R&B and Jazz. “Rest in Heaven,“ I loved every minute of it. My ears were changing on how to listen to music and the instruments. I started studying classical voice at Peabody Conservatory for 3 years and in local bands and talent shows around town. I would go on to work with the famous producer Skip Scarborough. He mentored me for 3 years in Baltimore before I moved to California.

Mistah Wilson: Who are your top R&B influences and why?
LeGrand Whitt: My top influences are Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, and Sam Cooke just to name a few. I like Marvin Gaye because of his beautiful tone. And his writing would paint a picture of what’s going on in this world of love and true events. Donny Hathaway was another genius that I follow because I like his songs and how he milks his tone when he sings. His voice was like glass. Stevie Wonder was amazing with his songs about black awareness. And always kept a ribbon in the sky about love. And Sam Cooke was awesome too and I love the way he controlled his publishing and record label. 

LeGrand Whitt - Game Over (Official Music Video)

Mistah Wilson: In today's music industry, would you say that tha future of R&B is bright? Why or why not?
LeGrand Whitt: The future of R&B is bright because R&B is spiritual and soulful. It’s almost close to gospel. R&B songs have substance and they last forever. A lot of babies came from R&B music. And people are searching for that soulful feeling in music to fill that spiritual hole in their lives and hearts. Taking R&B out of the world is like painting a picture in black and white with no color. And R&B is the foundation of a lot of music today. Where do you think samples come from?

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Mistah Wilson: How do you feel about there being a so-called "King" of R&B? Do you embrace tha notion or do you think it's a stretch?
LeGrand Whitt: I could be King of R&B because I never wavered from it. Because I was trained to sing R&B even though I can sing anything that I put my mind to. Being a King is earned by constantly studying my craft. Listening to all types of music so I can be well versed in all areas of music. As King when I perform I control the room with my voice and personality. And the Ladies love it. The ladies tell me when I sing, it makes them feel like they’re the only one in the room. So it’s not always how well you sing; it’s how well you please the audience and your fans.

Mistah Wilson: Your album "Let's Keep It Real" is a musical masterpiece. What producers did you bring on board for this project?
LeGrand Whitt: The producer of my project is Grammy-nominated producer Billy Moss (Return of the Mack), Ella Mai, Jill Scott, Adina Howard, Jamie Foxx, and Mali music. Mali music Grammy award-winning artist Kirk Franklin just to name a few. Producer BHRAMA BULL Gravity music, Sony Orchard, Symphonic. Chef Sean, B knocking, just to name a few. Platinum producer David Cochrane, The Commodores, Lionel Richie, Taste of Honey, Paula Abdul, Howard Johnson, Wayman Tisdale, and LL Cool J just to name a few. Producer William Lockwood, Skip Scarborough, Netflix, True Music LICENSING, & Joe Just to name a few. The Boom BrothasDiana Ross, Tevin Campbell, Toni Braxton, Jon B and 2Pac, Babyface, television show Clowntown.

"The reason I did a video on the song "Game Over" is that I wanted the world to see how a toxic relationship can be damaging to the spirit and soul. And how we have to let it go before it destroys our character and life is too short to live in pieces and not in peace." -LeGrand Whitt

Mistah Wilson: If you could only recommend one song off tha album, which one would it be and why?
LeGrand Whitt: I would recommend the song "Do My Life (remix)" because I write according to what’s going on in the world today. And what I see in the world today is not pretty for us as people of color. So my way of expressing my inner feelings and thoughts is through my song "Do My Life". Because if you look around, every black leader that we’ve had that was leading us to a better place was murdered by our own people because of generational curses. I’m hoping that my music would help change the way people think about each other. I want to touch humankind's souls.

Mistah Wilson: You're no stranger to performing. What have been some of your favorite shows and venues you've performed in?
LeGrand Whitt: The places that I liked to perform in was The Los Angeles Convention Center for the hair show Unplug. The Study in Hollywood was a great venue there was nothing but women there and it was a great show. Laguna Beach Resort was great too I was performing in front of a bunch of millionaires and rich dignitaries we had a ball because when you see them on the outside they act like they’re so conservative but when they have a few drinks watch out for the entertainment lol. Cafe Roma’s in Beverly Hills I like the place because it was a bunch of stuck-up Beverly Hills people until I started singing and then they all wanted to be my best friend. And they were telling me I brought Marvin Gaye back to life. And the Boney James Band was backing me and they gave me a huge compliment to big ups to Café Roma in Beverly Hills.

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Mistah Wilson: Your music video to your song "Game Over" was nicely done. What led you to do a video for this song off tha album?
LeGrand Whitt: The reason I did a video on the song "Game Over" is that I wanted the world to see how a toxic relationship can be damaging to the spirit and soul. And how we have to let it go before it destroys our character and life is too short to live in pieces and not in peace. I hope everyone who looks at this video will be motivated to get out of a bad relationship.

Mistah Wilson: When it comes to R&B, who would you say has tha edge in terms of popularity? Men or women and why?
LeGrand Whitt: The women have the edge because men want to get things and music that would impress a lady. And R&B is the music to their souls. Depending on what R&B song and a glass of wine is played that night will determine how the night will turn out. So women have the edge because they have half the money and all the other thing in this world. Lol.

Mistah Wilson: We heard you are also working on films right now. Could you tell us more about that?
LeGrand Whitt: I am working with DJ YATTA on a music video and an independent film called Beast Mode The Bloods and Crips save the world. This movie is talking about the Crips and Bloods coming together and stopping fighting each other and deal with the Government. I also just worked on music for this independent film called “Switchmas” out of Washington DC. I worked on a film called Nikita Blues.


Mistah Wilson: What do you plan on accomplishing thru your music?
LeGrand Whitt: I plan on accomplishing peace, love, togetherness, and Black awareness. I want to touch Human Kinds' souls with my voice and music like Marvin Gaye and Donny Hathaway. I want my music to mentor the youth on how to live and love. I consider myself a teacher and each one, teach one. I want to make a positive difference in the music world. I want people to, when they leave my concerts, go home to make love or go hug and kiss your kids. And show love to your neighbor. Like Teddy Pendergrass says “WAKE UP EVERYBODY NO MORE SLEEPING IN BED”.

Mistah Wilson: If you could change one major thing about how tha music industry operates, what would it be and why?
LeGrand Whitt: I would change the way the major record labels are stealing publishing from the artist. And have them still working like slaves while these rich greedy executives threaten the artists about not playing their music unless they sell their souls. I would get rid of this corporate slavery and the good old boys club. Equal White supremacy. So everything that the record label is doing today with these artists I would do the opposite because I stand for goodness and I stand for fairness for the people who work with me and not trying to rip them off. AKM3 AKM stands for strength and three stands for the son the father and the Holy Spirit.

Mistah Wilson: Where can people find and follow you online?
LeGrand Whitt: People can find me: LeGrand Whitt on Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This is the real LeGrand, and our website AKM3Entertainment.com

Mistah Wilson: Hey, LeGrand Whitt! It's been awesome having you here with us for this exclusive interview with ThaWilsonBlock Magazine. We look forward to following and supporting you in your career.

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