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DJ BLKLUOS Returns With New 10 Track Project “WINTER EDITION VOL. 2” (Mixtape Review)

Toronto based producer DJ BLKLUOS returns with a new 10 track mixtape “WINTER EDITION VOL. 2” featuring some of the most promising artists from Toronto, New York, & the UK. Such as Griselda & Black Soprano Family’s next up Love Boat Luciano. Toronto’s hardest working artist 333Zilla, & UK’s next biggest lyricist Tabz.

Fully produced by DJ BLKLUOS, “WINTER EDITION VOL. 2” is a well earned worthy of a listen with a wide range of stylistic artists with Boom Bap bangers like “Mercy Kill” with Love Boat Luciano & “Hollywood” with 333Zilla, to Club bangers like “Right” with Sayzee & “Not Said” with UZI Masalino. It also serves as a follow up to his “Lost + Rare” project released last year.

With many mixtapes from DJs always regurgitating the same well known artists on their projects for clout purposes, DJ BLKLUOS uses his production skills to represent what real DJs stand for, and that to expose un-heard upcoming artists who deserve the shine over signature production that fit their styles artistically. Really dope to see names on this project we’ve never heard of before, on top of the fact that all the artists on this mixtape are dope!

We rate this project a well deserved 8/10, highlighting the strength of the production on this project by DJ BLKLUOS, and especially the bars from Love Boat, 333Zilla, and Prayforjones.




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