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Ilona K - "Feel Good"


Sultry hip hop dancer and soul singer, Ilona K, released her third single, “Feel Good” on October 15, 2021. “Feel Good” was produced by Synthsei and is already climbing the charts which comes as no surprise. This tune is dope. In “Feel Good” Ilona K promises us that: “I’m spicy, I’m a nice G, I’m the sugar honey iced tea”. The mellow lyrics blend with the sensual vocals to produce a really energetic hip-hop/R&B rap feel to it which will make this single popular in clubs. The percussion breaks the lyrics up seamlessly creating a really chilled vibe together with a hint of feminine empowerment. You can still take our heroine (Ilona) home to meet your mother: “Bet your Mama gonna like me, Put a ring on it”. However in “Feel Good” she tells us: “Don’t make a sound. Earthquake. I’ll shake the Ground." Twitter: @ilonaaak_
Via ATL Bangerz I #1 Atlanta Music Blog



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