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QuesThorough on Vaccines "Even Our Heavenly Father Doesn’t Force Himself and His Ways On Us" (Part 4)

QuesThorough Interview (Part 4)

Mistah Wilson: What are your thoughts on tha covid vaccine? Would you say it's precursor to tha mark of tha beast. Why it why not?
QuesThorough: I am vaccinated but I don’t believe people should be forced to get it done. Historically speaking, people don’t respond well to being forced to do anything. Even if it’s for their own good! Im a father, and any parent can attest to the fact when we force our children to do what we want, their more likely to rebel. People tend to make the right decisions when all the facts have been laid out before them. Freedom of choice is everything! Even our Heavenly Father doesn’t force Himself and His ways on us! As far as the mark of the beast, I know this isn’t it. Scripture makes it clear what to expect in regards to the mark. I encourage believers to crack open their bibles more often! That includes myself!! The answers we need are in it!

Full Interview drops on Sunday October 24th, 2021



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