QuesThorough "Rap Music Wasn’t Accepted in my Household Growing Up" (Part 1)

QuesThorough Interview (Part 1)

Mistah Wilson: For your audience reading this, could you hit us with a quick background on yourself
QuesThorough: I’m a married father of 7 children, 6 girls and 1 boy! I’ve been with my wife for 26 years. We will be celebrating 21 years of marriage this October 28th! My entire family is musically inclined! So music came natural to me. I’ve been rapping and singing since I was a youngster! Rap music wasn’t accepted in my household growing up, though. Pops didn’t respect it as real music so I kept my passion for it hidden. I spent the majority of my adolescence singing in choirs and an ensemble. I only rapped amongst my close friends and family.

Full Interview drops on Sunday October 24th, 2021

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