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King Kashmere - In The Hour Of Chaos - 2021

High Focus Records will be back soon with a reissue on physical format of King Kashmere's album "In The Hour Of Chaos", originally released by Receptor Records in 2006.

"My debut album “In The Hour Of Chaos” was released in the winter of 2006 on Receptor Records, a few years after the release of Technical Illness/Backhand Slap Talk (Lowlife Records) with my brother Verb T. Receptor Records is a label that was created by myself, DJ Krooked Fingaz and Thomas Browne (RIP) in the year 2000 after being given a lot of game by Peter Bond aka Pete Real who ran the original Deal Real Records in the Westend (Noel St.) Not to be confused with the revamped Carnaby street store later on. The knowledge he gave me was the lifeblood of our label. Initially set up to release my first record “The Raw Styles EP”, we decided to carry on and it became not only home for two more subsequent Kashmere releases (Raw Styles v2.0 and in the hour of chaos) but home to my whole Ill Breed family, particularly Combined Mentalz who released “The Fundamentalz” which was mixed by legendary engineer No Sleep Nigel and featured production from group member Baron SynBack and Ghost. 

In The Hour Of Chaos was a passion project for me and Thomas Browne. Being my best friend, he had always had an extreme belief in my potential and was my biggest supporter. We wanted to put together something special! Our ambition was to be in the league of the people we looked up to. The Dr Octagon album was a huge influence on us growing up so it made sense that we wanted to do something highly conceptualised. At that time I started to get interested in the occult but through the lens of the John Constantine hell blazer comics (DC/VERTIGO) and various other sources. This clearly informed the direction of the album. I played a Constantine-Esque character maneuvering through the minefield of the physical realm and the other side, battling demons both externally and within. I stumbled across the concept of chaos magic and was very intrigued. We went as far as to design a chaos medallion and have it forged from pure silver. The man that did this for us had his workshop which was built by Loch Ness! We shot a video for 'Playing With Fire' in rural Ireland and a video for 'The Ark' deep inside Chislehurst caves. These are memories that I will cherish forever. 

Unfortunately, in 2014, my best friend, my brother from another mother, passed away. He was a man that was loved by all. It's something I'll never get over but for every move I make, I often ask myself “what would Tom think of this?”. So with great pleasure, I along with the good people at High Focus Records present to you the re-release of this album. Some of you may be familiar and some of you may not be. All I’ll say is, sit back, relax, close your eyes and let this album ride. Peace." - courtesy of King Kashmere

For now, the full album is only available Digitally




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