Racism Towards My Unborn Child

Before I came to tha knowledge of tha Truth, I was being swayed with tha masses. Not knowing enough, I followed tha direction of tha common narrative. I even voted for Obama in 2008, which, if you asked me today, was a big mistake. See, in tha usa, we are not taught how to think for ourselves. Moreso, how to retain tha information they want us to know. As bad as it is, we'll spare tha gruesome topic of education, though it is no secret that curriculums have graded a fish's ability to climb a tree. 

My motivation for writing this article came after realizing that I just don't share tha same values as mainstream americans. Our society has been hijacked by global gangsters who work in tha shadows. And, in this article, I want to address particular narratives that simply do not speak for me or any persons I represent. From not being told tha Truth about God to loose women and homosexuality, I am against tha narratives that threaten tha sovereign freedoms of my family and community. Although, I can admit I am an angry young Man, my anger is well-placed.

I never awoke in tha morning and said," hmmm, whom can I terrorize today?" or "Who's life can I take for mine?" Let me ask you a question. Do you have any kids? If so, when your kid(s) were born, did you tell them that we are made in tha image of tha one true and living God? Did you or didn't you? The whole goal of life in america is to enrich tha one who oppresses. And if you refuse to enrich them, you starve or become a criminal. When we choose Presidents, we only get two ultimate choices that get to represent hundreds of millions of people. Even from just a practical sense, it doesn't add up. 

I remember one rainy night in Seattle's Central District, I was sitting in my car. I was watching videos of Hassan Campbell exposing tha communal crimes of Afrika Bambaataa and how he still gets a pass to travel tha world and engage with young people. The rhetoric and banter from tha video led me to develop a thirst for tha knowledge of tha Truth...once and for all. All of a sudden, I stopped tha video and just had a moment where I was like," Ok, what is tha Truth!? Let me go ahead and study tha history of creation for myself and I'll form my own opinion based off of what I learn. 

In that moment, I went to YouTube, because well, who doesn't leverage YouTube in today's society, right? And before you try and say YouTube isn't "experts", an expert's opinion these days are usually fueled by their funders and therefore pose a conflict of interest to consider without due diligence. Besides, just because a video is on YouTube doesn't necessarily make it illegitimate. I typed in tha search bar: "history of creation" and it led me to tha channel of Truthunedited. He was in tha middle of a 70-part History of Religion series. His slogan was "because edited Truth, is simply a lie." And I thought to myself, hmmm, what a true thing to say. Since then, I've been following his channel and I'm not calling tha youtube creator a perfect person however I am yet to come across even just one red flag or wrong thing he has said. That's tha very issue in tha world. We have political leaders that believe they can just narrate what they want tha Truth to be. We have leaders in politics who sincerely believe that policy supersedes Faith and religion. And, this mere fact explains tha war we are in today.

To think, there are people in tha world who've made it their mission to effectively block tha Truth from new generations so that they can impose their own way of doing things. My whole life, people lied to me. They lied to me about what tha Truth of all of this is. And Truth is, simply put, that our oppressors worship tha devil. They worship tha devil because, in my opinion, they know God won't give them powers to cast spells on his people. So, they entertain dark magic to do their bidding. And, very subtly, they influence us (citizens) to live our lives in this way. 

In today's modern society, we're open to a little advertisement in exchange for free service. But, tha reason for this is because tha powers that be understand how influence works. That, if they can create a system that makes it acceptable to tempt you, that's all they'll need to plant a seed. But, as my eyes have awoken, I notice that even a 5-second advertisement is all they need to plant tha wrong ideal in our psychoanalysis. Marketing is simply psychology driven by a goal.

In California, I voted for Proposition 8. I've literally watched, like a movie, this country's values be replaced with wickedness far deeper than what has always appeared on tha surface. Everything makes sense until it comes to homosexuality then, all of a sudden, 1+1 doesn't equal 2 anymore. Let's make one thing clear to whoever is reading this article: homosexuality goes against tha very nature of God. And anything natural and of God that is defaced in any way is perceived as evil as far as I'm concerned. Like, when you pass the LAPD HQ on Spring Street and there are iron/bronze statues of a beheaded giraffe, a knocked-over hippo, and other animals disrespected and dishonored in figure. Or perhaps a statue of a naked Man and child advertised just out front of your local, public park.

Homosexuality is racist! It is racism towards my unborn child, who cannot make it here because you have casted spells on tha women of my generation. And now, everywhere I go, I see my beautiful queen headed everywhere else. I see her chasing after tha money. I see her overlook my promise and potential. When she passes me by, she faces tha wall to avoid any possibility of eye contact into tha Soul. Because little does she know, there are bad spirits working in her, and our women in america have been commissioned to help Men fall. Everything else, other than her natural counterpart, is of more importance to tha millennial woman. 

I grew up a foster child practically since birth. I was raised by an elderly Black woman who use to always talk about how much she loved and missed her husband who died from lung cancer a few years prior to my arrival. She taught me to say please and thank you. Not to point or stare at strangers. To cover my mouth when I sneeze. Not to use foul language. She passed away to Alzheimer's in 2011 and has been one of tha toughest things I've ever had to deal with. Today, I don't see her in tha women my age. I can't seem to find her virtue in any women my age within my community. Over tha years, there was a major, yet subtle shift in tha focus of my women. They have effectively abandoned tha role of being a woman, a role a Man could never fill, to compete with him for stature. 

Mainstream americans will read this and have all sorts of bad and shallow things to say. But, I am unapologetic about what I know to be true. About what has been proven to me. I will not allow my intelligence to be insulted by people who refuse to piece tha puzzle together. I've literally had to grow up and watch my women choose fortune over tha likes of myself. And I've reached a point in my ego to where if I can't have true love in this life, then nothing in tha community is even worth fighting for. This is a dangerous place to be in. 
I'm not here to talk bad about women, but to speak on tha reality of just how bad it is for a young Man growing up in this country. A country where even though no means no, single mothers are not held accountable to tha Men they have kids with. Rather, tha Man is held accountable while tha woman is free to pursue tha next john...and even have kids by him, as well. And tha mothers are unaccountable for how tha kids, whom they claim to be protecting, are disenfranchised from their Father. Tha kids are then raised to believe their dad was a bad man, absent throughout tha years from being able to defend his own honor. The kids will suffer from tha selfish mistakes of tha mother, and she'll never hold herself responsible which fulfills her overall plan of supplementing her own life with a Man's kids. We live in a country where aunties and uncles have kids by 2 and 3 different partners, breeding all types of differences amongst one's own household. Many of these differences become so irreconcilable that it evolves into generational curses. And these babies being born are not being told tha Truth.

Do you have any idea what I had to go thru to get to tha Truth? I mean, to develop that thirst for it I speak of? I got tired of people lying to me. I got tired of people confusing me with beliefs that conflicted with what I already knew to be true. What I'm trying to say here is that no one directed me to tha Truth. Nobody told me many of tha things I have discovered on my own. To this very day, no one has mentored me in business. Instead, everybody just feels threatened by my honest zeal. Or perhaps I'm so good at what I do that they feel I have it all figured out already. Since, I found tha Truth, no one can take it from me. If you go against it, you run tha chance of ruining your own credibility with me...for whatever it's worth to you. 

I don't have biased beliefs. In other words, there is nothing I believe today just because I'd rather believe it. Or, there's nothing I don't believe just because I don't want to believe it. Tha Truth comes with a basis we can actually weigh things on. Until we subscribe to absolute Truth, then we'll forever be headed in tha wrong direction. We'll always be given over to tha lies and deceit because we'll have no solid foundation to base anything off of. Well, on my quest for tha knowledge of tha Truth, The Holy Bible and tha scriptures therein remain tha only thing that no one can refute with evidence. I am yet to read tha entire Bible, but I've read enough to have an answer for virtually every argument against it. It compliments tha world I see today. Not just some random book of philosophy, but I can actually taste tha food. The Bible offers application. It gives us our cause. 

In this country, everybody has something to say. But, until we have a renewal of our minds, we're just carrying on fatal principles that technically, aren't even our own. We must understand and come to terms with tha fact that we've been lied to. We must fight to unlearn bad habits inherited to us. We must find our way off of Broadway and onto tha narrow path where our true calling is. To share tha only good news...that Jesus Christ came and died for us so that we may have life. John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

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