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I'd Like to Thank my Dad first and foremost for being the man that he is. I never would have picked up a guitar or tried to write a song if it wasn't for you. I'd like to thank my Mom for being supportive of my music from day one. And my Brothers for putting up with the noise I love you both. I'd like to thank Micah Erenberg for believing in the album and for all the hard work you put into it (see you this summer hang loose bring money) to Brendan Simard For putting alot of Time and Work into this. Zachary Lucky for the talks and inspiration through out the years (bottle or the road) Matt, Darwin, and Jesse, for your music and inspiration you guys are the best kind of people. My boys in the Madtrappers Dan, Phil, Nick, Jordan and Micah (MUSTARD FOREVER) Sweet Alibi, KIeren West and his Buffalo Band, Andrew Neville and the Poor Choices, Andrina Turrenne, Rob Waddell for the kind words and support John Scoles (for all the shows and support) Holly Stratton, Roger Roger, Val (for putting up with my shit and telling me whats what every now and again) Rob Wriggley and The boys in The Stony Point Power Trio, Carly Dow, Dana Lee, Aisha Belle, Logan Mckillop (Songwriter and Saint) Scott Nolan (for the kind words) Sean Craib Petkau, Enslow, Emily Christie, Cal Austin Jr, Aaron Shorzman (for the lessons in life and songwriting) Everyone who has given me a bed/couch/floorspace in the past 4 years. Everyone who buys this Album. Thanks to the ones who aren't here to thank. I love you all.

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