"What Does It Mean?" poem by Jhantu Randall

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Sometimes I feel lost in a dream
Where everything I perceive is not what it seems
They tell me who I am am not who I should be
Tell me to live in the movies instead of seeing what I could be
They look at me like I’m speaking Sumerian
Yet I rise from the belly like I was birthed cesarean
Came to be, disturbing the Aryans
At the same time, scaring the middle-class Americans
Afraid of my words that I pray one day goes global
All the while watching people watching celebrities on their mobile
Fear mongering mercenaries try to set me up like I was a politician named Marion
Until their intentions rises up like a sandstorm and buries them
To me, these words are my addiction
Comparable to the allure whisky had on Christopher Hitchens
Moving along in a lane inhabited by the highly driven
Trying to do it all with the small amount of time that we are given

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