Seattle rapper Langston Doobs talks Passion for the Arts, Inspiration to Music, & How he got his Alias

"Everything around me inspires me in some shape or form from what I go thru day to day, nature, love. Life I'd say is my main inspiration because its organic, its a feel." -Langston Doobs

Mistah Wilson: Yo, Langston Doobs thanks for coming thru for this exclusive interview with ThaWilsonBlock! You submitted your artist profile and now here we are. How ya been?
Langston Doobs: Man I've been living blessed lately man smoking good, living good, and eating good haha

Mistah Wilson: Ok, how did you get tha name Langston Doobs?
Langston Doobs: I'm a big fan of Langston Hughes and what he was about and Doobs because its short for doobies and I'm an avid weed smoker.

Mistah Wilson: For our audience reading this, could you give us a quick background on yourself? 
Langston Doobs: Yes of course well I grew up most of my life with just my mom. I've always had a passion for the arts my moms an artist herself and she's also a professor at Seattle Central. So just with her in my household I always grew up creating stuff. I played multiple instruments such as the trumpet and violin and I always had a passion for poetry and art.

Mistah Wilson: How was life growing up in tha 206? 
Langston Doobs: Well to be honest I didn't grow up in Seattle all my life but I feel at home in Seattle. I moved to Seattle in 2014 and I was born in Trenton, NJ and in between there I lived all over from Ohio to even D.C.

Mistah Wilson: When did you first know you wanted to be a rapper?
Langston Doobs: I knew I definitely wanted to pursue music once I started college. I just hated it. I'd be up all night studying to doing something I didn't like when I'd much rather be working on music.

Mistah Wilson: What are some songs of yours people should check out? Let me get some titles... 
Langston Doobs: Hiii-er, If You Love Yourself and No Time are my favorites out right now but I got plenty more on the way.

Mistah Wilson: What inspires your creativity? 
Langston Doobs: Everything around me inspires me in some shape or form from what I go thru day to day, nature, love. Life I'd say is my main inspiration because its organic, its a feel. Some people search their whole lives for the feel. But it can't be recreated or copied like Bob Marley says. You gotta be true to yourself in order to find it.

Mistah Wilson: Who were some artists you listened to growing up? 
Langston Doobs: Man I grew up to the good stuff Sade, Earth, Wind, and Fire, The temptations, Kenny G, B.B. King all the good stuff.

Mistah Wilson: What do you plan to accomplish through your music? 
Langston Doobs: What I plan to accomplish thru music is to show people life, my life, their life,
just life thru music, art and whatever I do. I feel like people sometimes get lost and too caught
up in things that don't matter instead of appreciating the people around you and even the smallest moments because those are the ones you look back on and cherish.

Mistah Wilson: Where can people follow you online and hear your music? 
Langston Doobs: You call follow me on all social media at Langston Doobs and then for my music you can check me out on any music Service from iTunes, to Spotify, and even Soundcloud and Youtube all at Langston Doobs

Mistah Wilson: Yo, Langston Doobs! It's been awesome having you here with us for this exclusive interview with ThaWilsonBlock. Got any shout outs? Let's hear it .. 
Langston Doobs: I'd Like to shoutout you guys for having me, my collective TruEntSea and all my fans!

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