Exclusive Interview with Rising Underground MC Jules From Lakeland, Florida

UGHHB: There is a lot of new Hip Hop talent coming out of Florida right now! How are you being 100% original and different? What is separating you from all the other up and coming MC’s coming up from out there!?

Jules: Honestly I think it’s just my approach to creating music. I look to make music that is timeless and has a soul to it. Music that you can tell every ounce of emotion was put into it. And also I rap and produce. So everything you hear from me either I made myself or I helped or assisted in some sort of way. I feel like my music is meticulously crafted to fit my voice so I feel like that alone gives it a unique feel. And I’m very much into samples so that kind of puts me on my own path. Not too many people from here is creating that type of music.

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