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Get to know Singer/Dancer Ravoshia Mone' Whaley

Ravoshia Mone' Whaley was born in Merryvile, Indiana. With her mother hailing from Texas and her father from Bermuda, Ravoshia was afforded the opportunity to have dual citizenship. Growing up, Ravoshia studied ballet at the United Dance Production in Bermuda. In her senior year of high school while still pursuing dance, she developed a passion for singing. Realizing her gift for both song and dance, Ravoshia focused on honing her craft and pursuing music full time. Ravoshia fancied her musical styling in the same light as her singing and rapping idols Beyonce, Janet Jackson, Aaliyah, Lady Saw and Sean Paul. Add to her passion for singing and dancing, the ability to write song lyrics, and it seems apparent that this Texas native aims to achieve the same level of acclaim and prosperity as those same pop icons as hers.

August 2015, she signed a single deal for her single titled Dip & Wine with independent Atlanta, GA based label Blachawk Records with major label distribution of Caroline Records independent distributor of Universal Music. Her single Dip and Wine released on August 28, 2015 stirred up some impressive traction playing on over ten top major and rhythmic radio station across the U.S and overseas in Bermuda, islands. She has traveled performing at music festivals, shows all over the U.S and overseas. Ravoshia's sound is a unique blend of hip-hop, pop, reggae, and soul. She has a special voice unlike any other voice out there in mainstream music. Armed with a strong confidence and unmistakable womanliness to her sound, Ravoshia is a breath of fresh air. She's determined. She's driven. She's magnetic, multi-talented triple-threat force of nature. A spicy,strong-willed yet femininely soulful artist that has something to say, and leaves her audience hypnotized. Ravoshia is a beautiful music force to be reckoned with and a true entertainer at heart.



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