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The Underground Avengers Reassemble for 3rd & Final Album “Oblivion” (Album Review)

This is the 3rd & final full-length studio LP from Arlington, Texas emcee Claas alongside Louisville/Atlanta duo The Horde consisting of Bukshot & Boondox or collectively known as The Underground Avengers. Forming in 2012 off an eponymous debut EP, they got back together in the summer of 2018 to have Majik Ninja Entertainment back their debut album Anomaly 88 & returning almost a year later for the sophomore effort Dark Matter. A 2nd EP The Gateway was released in the fall of 2022 & coming off an appearance at Astronomicon 7 couple months ago, they’re taking us to Oblivion after 12 years in the making allegedly.

After the “Judgment is Upon You” intro & the “Reassembled” skit, the unhinged first song “Who Dat?!” produced by 7 who did UGA’s coda in it’s entirety leaving everyone running when the trio comes through whereas the morbidly flavored trap joint “Diablo” telling the haters to keep it moving. “Without a Trace” takes the aggressive trap route instrumentally making them learn when they do wrong & after the titular interlude, “Sideshow” angrily talks about being ready for rapture.

“Smash” brings an unsettling trap flare to the beat detailing the asshole nature all 3 of them possess while “Predators” featuring Mr. Grey sees the quartet devilishly talking about ripping the spine out your back. After the “OPLAN” interlude, “Snake Eater” hooks up an eerie atmosphere once again looking to make the final feature just before “Be Warned” grimly cautions listeners of UGA’s wrath.

After the “Reaping” interlude, “Other Side” delivers an adrenaline inducing hardcore trap banger leading into the grisly “‘Til the Music Stops” looking to ride until the wheels fall off the muhfucka. After the “Collision” interlude, “A Little Crazy” goes boom bap to talk about their craziness while the bouncy “Bring It Back” runs from the law grinding & getting dirty.

“When or Whenever” uncannily talks about everyone else watching them take the lead & after the “Dissassembled” outro, “Alibi” weaves organs & hi-hats wanting to be labeled as the bad guys when they’re gone while “Scab” is an insane rollercoaster ride of an underground 8 minute posse cut. After the “Black Hole” interlude, “Can’t Find Me” shows a serious side to UGA since the end is getting nearer.

Understandably, I can see why we’ll more than unlikely get another Underground Avengers album going forward since everyone’s already established individually in their own rights & Oblivion was the greatest note for them to leave on that took a dozen years for us to hear. The production’s primarily trap centered & the apocalypse concept throughout pretty much suits the fact that this is the last time we’ll hear them assemble.

Score: 8/10



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