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Mach-Hommy Releases First Album in 3 Years “#RichAxxHaitian” Ahead of Haitian Flag Day (Album Review)

I believe this is the 6th proper full-length studio album from Newark, New Jersey wordsmith Mach-Hommy. Breaking out in 2017 when he dropped his sophomore album H.B.O. (Haitian Body Odor) under Griselda Records, he & Tha God Fahim fell out with them shortly after only to reconcile at the end of 2020 & then Mach returned to the label the following spring for the finest achievement in his discography thus far: Pray for Haiti. He then followed it up that same winter with Balens Cho & now only a couple years after the Triz Saga, the Haitian-American emcee is looking to commemorate Haitian Flag Day by releasing #RichAxxHaitian the day prior.

After the “(…)” intro, the first song “Antonomasia” featuring Roc Marciano starts with both MCs perfectly going back & forth with one another on some G shit over a drumless loop from Sadhugold whereas “Politickle” produced by Georgia Anne Muldrow slickly admits to having a monkey on his back & that it’s rather a heavy one. “Sonje” has a bit of a mellower vibe to the beat talking about flipping you like a kush bag out the mobile leading into “Padon” featuring Tha God Fahim keeps it dusty instrumental giving Raw cones since everyone wanted raps from him going to Hell & back with felons.

“Empty Spaces” featuring Your Old Droog strips the drums once again airing out everyone trying to spit the way they do except they’re tying ribbons at the wrong time & they be cutting them at the perfect end, but then “Sur le pont d’Avignon (Reparation 1)” brings a jazzier boom bap flare thanks to Conductor Williams talking about being a warrior rather than a killer. After the “Xerox Clat” interlude, “Gorgon Zoe Lan” hops over a bare sample on the verge of demonstrating a blowout just before “The Serpent & the Rainbow” keeps it drumless explaining how it’s gonna go from hereon.

Black Thought joins Mach on the piano-boom bap combination “Copy Cold” that Quelle Chris laced assuring that it’s all ok while the title track featuring 03 Greedo experiments with hip house & even pop rap thanks to KAYTRANADA detailing their luxuries. “Lon Lon” hooks up some woodwinds, kicks & snares wanting to be left alone & talking about Babylon ahead of the “Aux Bon Parfums” interlude.

“Same 24” featuring Big Cheeko these gorgeous piano chords throughout reminding that we all got the exact amount of time in our lives whether it be days or hours while “Guggenheim Jeune” ditches the drums again cautioning not to let them boys say it’s a wrap & that there’s more than 1 way to skin the cash. “Holy ____” wraps up #RichAxxHaitian on 1 more drumless cut talking about praising the lord attaching a gospel-inspired outro during it’s final moments.

Mach is no stranger to releasing music around Haitian Flag Day since he’s always worn his Haitian roots on his sleeve, but this has to be his strongest offering since Balens Cho about 2 & a half years ago. I’ve always wanted to rep for Haiti and the cultural and intellectual richness we’ve provided the world. You still get the drumless production & abstract lyricism he’s known for except he additionally ventures out into jazz rap, conscious hip hop, experimental hip hop, psychedelic rock, hip house & pop rap along the way.

Score: 9/10



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