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Know Your Audience: Donald Trump Gets Flipped Off At Iowa Football Game After Getting Booed

Mod: This can happen if you start to believe your own BS.

Trump Gets Flipped Off at Iowa Game After Getting Booed (Meidas Touch Network link): Donald Trump received a frosty reception during a hot September day at the Iowa - Iowa State football game on Saturday — and he wasn't the only one to feel the wrath amid a sea of thousands of angry football fans.

Attendees showed their disdain towards the Republican candidates vying for the Iowa primary vote and the photos have since went viral.

As previously reported, upon leaving his carefully staged events and entering the stadium, Trump was welcomed with mostly boos. Sure, some applauded. But you can hear for yourself how the boos outweighed those showing the criminally indicted ex-president support.

Trump, a true man of the people, then retreated to his private box. The raucous college football fans were unafraid to show him their true feelings, giving Trump the middle finger as he watched on.

Republicans are reaping what they sowed. The hate and division that they have injected into the body politic has infected their previous safe spaces and is tearing the party apart from within. Americans across the country are showing their true feelings towards GOP candidates begging for their votes – and it's far too late for them to call an audible.

ModTrump, Ron DeSantis, and Vivek Ramaswamy all received one finger salutes from angry college football fans. More at the link.

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