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Take A Nostalgic Trip To JesseMelancholy’s Past In Yarramie

JesseMelancholy is a genre bending music artist from Adelaide, South Australia, sonically mixing bedroom pop, indie, hyperpop, hip-hop and folk. 19 year old Jesse has made an impact in a remarkably short time frame, having only just released his debut single in December 2022.

JesseMelancholy is a master at writing simple, direct lines that don’t read as hits on paper, but are delivered with such finesse that it doesn’t matter what he’s saying, because his boy-ish passionate delivery makes you feel it either way.

From recently performing his first ever show interstate in Melbourne, to gaining recognition from independent hyperpop giant Aries, and tastemaker and curator CultatMidnite, Jesse is becoming one of the most talked about underground artists in his City. Jesse brings an international appeal, not anything like what is emerging currently in Australia, which might hint at his influences not being all that local – something he’d have in common with Australia’s biggest export right now, The Kid Laroi. Melancholy also has a similar momentum to his trajectory in emerging from the underground, making a name for himself quickly in a scene some describe as ‘stagnant’, signalling that JesseMelancholy might in fact be someone you’ll be quite familiar with in a few years’ time.

Introducing “Yarramie” a captivating bedroom pop composition that fuses indie, hip-hop, and hyperpop influences. Created in the confines of Jesse’s bedroom, the song derives its name from a significant street Jesse lived on in an important period of his life. This street was a backdrop to both cherished and faded relationships that form the emotional core of the track.

“Yarramie” encapsulates a sense of nostalgic growth, reflecting the artist’s coming-of-age journey. Its lyrics delve into the complexities of relationships, offering a progressive and introspective vibe. Through this song, the artist shares not only their personal story but also creates a relatable canvas for listeners to project their own experiences. “Yarramie” weaves a musical tapestry of memories and lessons, reminding us that life’s evolution is best expressed through the art we make.


Congratulations on the release of yarramie! Why is this song so important to you?

Thank you! I think Yarramie is so important to me because it truly captures a personal change I’m
going through in life currently. I think the song has a level of relatability to it, but it’s a clear story of
my own, and I think that is sonically present.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

god, too many to count. If I had to narrow it down, I’d say I’ve definitely found a lot of influence from
the “hyperpop” scene, and other cool artists like Roy Blair, Lil Lotus or even The 1975. I also have
a deep love of folk-music. i’m not quite sure if that shows on this record or not, but I’ve got such a
wide taste of influences that I can trace back to my early childhood.

How do you put your words to paper, what’s your creative process like?

It’s always different to be honest. Sometimes it’s off the top, sometimes I really have to zone in and
dig deep inside me to get out what I want to say. Yarramie was definitely the latter. Early versions
of the song have very different lyrics, sort of on the same theme, but I felt like I needed to say
more, so there was a lot of trial and error.

How do you want to make a difference in the world and music industry?

I just want people to connect with my art. i’m probably really similar to a lot of my listeners, if I can
be a voice for them in some way that would be so cool.

What do you want your listeners to take from yarramie?

I just hope that people can find their own meaning in the song. We’re all growing up, we’re all
learning and going through our own little intricate issues, we are all in it together.

You played your first live show in Melbourne, what was that experience like?

It was phenomenal, I only just got used to singing in front of people recently, so singing in front of a
crowd interstate was very interesting for me. I really enjoyed meeting some of the people who
came, and seeing people enjoy my tunes.

What’s one piece of advice you can give to new artists that look up to you?

I guess I’d say it’s best to keep your art authentic to yourself. I feel like a lot of artists try be the
next blank but you gotta be the first you!

Thanks for your time and chatting with us today, is there a message you’d like to share with your

Thanks so much for having me. I’m working on new music, and am excited for everyone to hear
this new chapter, until then, enjoy Yarramie <3



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