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Yuneer Gainz - Wave Today | Video @yuneergainz


Brooklyn-based Hip Hop artist Yuneer Gainz releases his latest single and video titled "Wave Today".

The song is a standalone single that was produced by JRGotTheHiTS and co-produced by Billy Famous. In an interesting twist, JRGotTheHiTS was the first producer Yuneer worked with out of Detroit, and through working together they found out that they are cousins.

On "Wave Today," Yuneer Gainz speaks about the impact of social media on his life. He says that the song was motivated by what he saw on social media and the effect it had on him. He expresses this sentiment in the opening lines of the song, "I'm on a wave today, I did not read the hate, gave it a break today, it held no weight today". Yuneer Gainz is known for his ability to create music by authentically telling his truth and entertaining his listeners.

When it came to creating a visual for "Wave Today," Yuneer Gainz decided to keep it simple and feature his friends in the video. The video features two women who have been his friends for years and are a representation of "Women from around the way", which, Yuneer belives, should be showcased more in music videos.

"Wave Today" is a testament to Yuneer Gainz's talent as a songwriter and performer. The song is available for streaming and download on various platforms.

Check out the video and stream the song below.


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