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Housefires Music Collective Releases New Album ‘How To Start A Housefire Part II’

Upon its launch in 2014, Housefires became known as the music group that changed the landscape of the worship genre forever. With immersive live recordings, intimate “house church” sessions and more, the group re-invented the genre to be a more inclusive and vulnerable space. On Housefires’ new record ‘How To Start A Housefire Part II’ (out today via Capitol CMG / TRIBL Records), the music collective invites listeners to join in and transports them “into a visceral and celestial experience” (Forbes).

On ‘How To Start A Housefire Part II,’ the collective brings together a community of people from all different backgrounds for one purpose: providing a safe space for those who need an outlet to be vulnerable. Listeners will hear a mix of R&B, soul, pop, gospel and contemporary worship music across the 14 captivating tracks that create a lively atmosphere filled with celebratory anthems, lush instrumentation and earth-shattering choruses. The new record follows Housefires’ ‘How To Start A Housefire,’ which was released on January 20th.

“We’ve all been through our own hells and journeys over the last several years,” says Housefires’ Blake Wiggins. “Now we are able to sing songs that look back and remind ourselves of what He’s done, how He’s gotten us through and the ways He’s always been. I’m excited that our testimonies and stories can meet up with the stories of everyone listening to this album, and together we can grow more in love with Jesus and the person He truly is.”

Housefires premiered a live performance video of the album’s “Look Around” today in tandem with the album’s release.

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‘How To Start A Housefire Part II’ opens with the ‘90s R&B-infused “Can’t Nobody,” which is reminiscent of the Bee Gees’ “How Deep Is Your Love” and sets the tone for an album that uplifts, inspires and offers comfort for those in dark places.

I Thank God” is an exuberant anthem of thanksgiving, and on songs “Look Around,” “We Have No Good” and “Rest On Us,” Housefires reflects on life’s blessings and finding peace in the midst of hardship. “Garments” is a reminder that we can all rise from rock bottom and become stronger along the way, while “Mercy” closes the album on a joyful note of overcoming struggle.

The group’s core members include GRAMMY-nominee Nate Moore, chart-topping songwriter Ryan Ellis (Chris Tomlin, Natalie Grant), Kirby Kaple (Chris Tomlin, Passion Music) and Blake Wiggins. On ‘How To Start A Housefire Part II,’ the group joins hands with an incredible and diverse roster of featured artists including 2x GRAMMY-nominee DOE (Forever Jones), Noah Schnacky (7.7M+ followers on TikTok), Mariah Adigun-Bernard (Maverick City Music’s “Rest On Me”), Davy Flowers, Cecily, Ahjah Walls and Harvest Grapevine.

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How To Start A Housefire Part II Tracklist:

1. Can’t Nobody (feat. Mariah Adigun-Bernard & Ryan Ellis)
2. I Thank God (feat. Ryan Ellis, Blake Wiggins & JWLKRS Worship)
3. Look Around (feat. Cecily Hennigan)
4. Look Around Spontaneous (feat. Davy Flowers & Cecily Hennigan)
5. We Have No Good (feat. Davy Flowers)
6. Rest On Us (feat. Harvest Grapevine)
7. Get Back To The Well (feat. Nate Moore)
8. You Freed Me, Saved Me (feat. Nate Moore)
9. Be Still And Know (feat. DOE)
10. Steadfast Flow (feat. Ryan Ellis)
11. God My God (feat. Mariah Adigun)
12. All Over Again Flow (feat. Ryan Ellis & Harvest Grapevine)
13. Garments (feat. Nate Moore & Davy Flowers)
14. Mercy (feat. Ahjah Walls)

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