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Sensational x The Dirty Sample - The Spot Rocker


Groundbreaking Brooklyn MC Sensational returns with a new album produced by veteran Calgary producer The Dirty Sample. For this unique collaborative experience, The Dirty Sample serves up a selection of his dusty, cinematic beats for Sensational’s distinct chunk o’ bliss swagger, his delivery both laidback and stylin’. The lyrics are heavy with braggadocio that revolves around his weed and drink intake, his drip, and his savvy with the ladies. Joining Sensational on The Spot Rocker are Ol’ Gorilla Bones, the latest MC alias of The Dirty Sample, and Hawd Gankstuh Rappuh MCs Wid Ghatz members Guy Albino and Flybot Van Damn dropping their first over-the-top raps in 20+ years. The Spot Rocker is an album for the musically adventurous.

Written and performed by Sensational and featured guests

Produced by The Dirty Sample



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