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World Renown - World Renown - 2022


2xLP - 2022 - Smoke On Records  

This legendary World Renown album produced by K-Def and Marley Marl was supposed to come out in 1995 but it never saw the light of day unfortunately. It is now available on Black Double Vinyl  (Gatefold), CD & Cassette, with sound source from Marley Marl House of Hits Inc, with the help of Smoke On Records. 

From The Source - March 1995 - Scan courtesy of Frederic Thecle 

A1 - Longev 

A2 - Don't Trust Your Man

A3 - World Renown

B1 - Definition Of A MC 

B2 - Drama

B3 - Roll Wit It

B4 - Come Take A Ride

C1 - How Nice I Am 

C2 - Shoowa

C3 - My Mellow My Man 

C4 - EZ Connect feat. Rashad Sun

D1 - EZ On The Tweeter 

D2 - Butta Luv  

D3 - Mind Over Matter  

D4 - Supreme Math





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