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UMC20: The Best of December 2022

If it feels a bit early in the month for us to be hitting you with a “Best Of” version of UMC20, we understand. However, we’re a week early this one for a very special reason.

The premiere of our 2022 UMC50 compilation — highlighting top tracks from throughout the year — will take place next Tuesday, December 27.

So, we’re hitting you with this month’s list as a precursor of what’s to come. Certainly, a couple of these cuts may find their way onto the year-end playlist. You’ll just have to wait a week to find out which ones…

Track listing
Polyvoda – Sirens
Emory Jaymz – What Up
Foundation Mecca – EVERYTHING SOLO
Heru Heru – Got the Vibe
Kate Odulukwe – Let’s Get Lost (Na Ala Eze)
The Hollow Party – Touch Grass
The Parasocial Club – Choke
Bronnie – Back and Forth
Demi the Daredevil – Withering Heights
Roi and the Secret People – Life is Happening
Julian Fulco Perron – Can’t Be Trusted (A)
Juliana Hale – Fake
Angela Wright – Can’t Do That
Arielle Eden – Signs and Signals
Tupelo Honey – Heartbreak on Ice
ARREIS – Silver Lining
Lewis Capaldi – Pointless
Blu DeTiger – Elevator
Will Linley – Last Call



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