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LISTEN: Purple Haired Rock Goddess Anastasia Elliot Inspires Listeners to Turn Their Cracks and Traumas into Works of Art in Her First EDM Song, “The Shattering”

Known as the “purple haired rock goddess,” audio-visual artist Anastasia Elliot is enigmatic to say the least. Her colorfully curated style, disciplined classical training, and her ability to create an entire immersive universe of cinematic wonder, all alchemize in such a way that sets her apart from fellow artists in the indie art rock world. 

I am not totally convinced that she isn’t the love child of Lady Gaga and David Bowie. 

Anastasia is a Nashville resident with a backstory that is every bit as unique as her overall aesthetic. She is a plane crash survivor, and if that fact alone doesn’t make her interesting enough, she believes that she manifested the plane crash, as she was writing the lyrics for her song “Crash Landing” when the accident took place.

Since her near-death experience, she has become a mental health advocate and public speaker. Elliot’s way of life, she says, is about finding outlets that allow her to stay open and inspired, that prevent her from ever becoming stuck. 

At one time signed with Warner Music Group, Anastasia dropped her contract in order to pursue her music career with total creative freedom. In just a short time, she has accumulated over 500,000 digital streams and 1 million views on YouTube and counting, as well as many live television performances. While on tour, she hosted her own panel at NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) on the future of technology for independent musicians. 

Enticing listeners with a classically trained operatic voice and a healthy dose of swirling drama, Elliot casts broad auditory strokes with a combination of melodic rock, melancholic pop, blasts of electronic tones, layers of rich piano tones, and then mixes them harmoniously with mind-bending visuals. 

Her first EDM song, “The Shattering,” is from her full-length visual album, La Petit Mort, which roughly translates to “the brief loss or weakening of consciousness,” “the little death,” and “orgasm.” The song blends the beautiful and operatic voice of Anastasia with bass thumping beats from EDM producer, OnenO.

On the inspiration behind “The Shattering,” Anastasia states the following:

“I wanted to write a song that spoke to people in the state of broken exhaustion where there isn’t much hope. The world can feel so heavy and it can be difficult to get out of the cycle of negativity sometimes. I think “The Shattering” embodies the motivation and vigor I hope to inspire in others to end their suffering, make changes and ask others for help. One of my greatest missions as an artist is to show people how they can turn their cracks and traumas into the thing that makes them uniquely beautiful and special, like the Japanese art of kintsugi. I am so happy that OnenO and I could bring this energy to life.”

Two unique worlds have collided for one amazing new song. Be sure to check out the collaboration between EDM Producer, OnenO (Cyberpunk 2027) and Anastasia Elliot.

Listen to “The Shattering” on Spotify:



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