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Meet Alternative Pop Musician "Jason Shand" from New York, New York


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"What does my dust taste like? How does it feel down there? I'm walking on air, you couldn't hold me down forever," Jason Shand sings on his anthemic self celebratory track, 'X Factor', the title track and current single off the NYC native's just released X Factor - The Album.

"'X Factor' is a song about self-celebration, about self-achievement, about overcoming all the doubters/naysayers... as well as telling them where to get off. It was about me feeling my oats and telling those who put me down, ‘You blew it.’ It’s definitely a very personal song so I’m thrilled to be releasing it! I hope it inspires people to envision themselves as the best they can be and motivates them to be everything they can be. Like everyone may be telling you that you can’t, but you can and you will!”

X Factor (The Album) was released on September 15th and the title track is Jason Shand’s second straight #1 World Indie Charts single following his previous single ‘The Petty Narcissist (Arctic Ocean)’, also featured on X Factor (The Album).



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