Fatal Lucciauno "Gang Leaders" music video

Shot By:Javier Morin Jr
Produced By: Kuddie Fresh & Intylekt Troy

The youth are like hidden treasures ,because we keep burying them
We lose so many beautiful lives due to misinformation and lack of knowledge. The war on Gangs isn’t a war on organized crime it’s a war on the youth. Those of us that know what’s really going on need to step up and remember violence is a bi-product of urban life in America so how can anyone think it would escape Gang/street organizations.
If you wonder why we are necessary think of this….
the kid who was playing with a toy gun got murdered by the police while the sexual predator gets to drive the school bus. Gangs are the natural elevation of tribalism and poverty.
The resilience of a collective tired of false hope and abuse.
This one ain’t for the players it’s for the coaches.
They love the hipsters but what about the Gang Leaders.

1Love 1Purpose
Long Live King Cee

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