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Claas – “This is Revenge” (Album Review)

Claas is a 40 year old MC from Arlington, Texas who’s been putting it down in the underground for almost 2 decades at this point whether it be on it his own or as a member of groups like The Underground Avengers or VLNC. But right before the pandemic started, he’s been teasing his 6th album (albeit 3 with Lyrikal Snuff Productionz) & even dropped a trilogy of EPs leading up to it much like Strange Music used to do in 2019/2020. Couple years later, we’re finally being treated to This is Revenge in it’s entirety.

“Sweartagawd” is a rowdy boom bap-tinged opener talking about how some people got him fucked up whereas “Foxtrot. Echo. Alpha” follows it up with a more trappier sound getting in his hardcore bag. Keagan Grimm tags along for the rock-tinged “Friends” talking about burying their competition, but then Kung Fu Vampire & The R.O.C. come into the picture for the rugged “Devil May Cry” detailing what they’ll do when they get down to Hell.

Meanwhile on “Feast”, we have Claas angrily calling to be let off his leash just before the rowdy “What Does That Make You?” talks about how cats need to know their placements even though neither Chxxmpa or Sicnoizednice’s verses. Keagan returns for the trap metal-flavored “Revenge” expressing their desire for vengeance leading into the hellish “Come & Get It” lashing out to those who want to bring him down.

“Legen (Wait for It) Dary” is a riot starter tackling his legacy & “Crowns” goes into a more morbid direction sonically talking about how his throne remains untouched. “Time Bomb” goes straight metal getting ready to explode mentally whereas “Gone (Never Comin’ Down) takes a spacier, trap route talking about never touching the ground again. Boondox & Cage link up with Claas for the creepy “Dichotomy” confessing being in the middle of a Holy war while “Outlaw” with JP tha Hustler & 1 Ton has a more operatic sound comparing themselves as such.

“Smoke” keeps the uncanny trap vibes going challenging anyone to step up to him lyrically & “The Sinners Win” returns to a more rock-centered sound talking about trying to evolve & survive. The song “Burn It Down” with [Bukshot] sees the pair telling the frauds to stay away from them over a rambunctious beat while the penultimate track “Fuckin’ Dope” reunites with Chxxmpa & Sicnoizednice for a more triumphant tune boasting their skills. “Suffocation” ends the album with yet another rock banger calling out those who don’t want him to succeed.

For as long as this guy’s been in the game, I think he really came through with his best solo effort yet & it absolutely makes up for the 2 year wait. Claas has always been a lethal wordsmith, but he really turns it up to 11 on here & I’m very impressed with the amount of different sounds that he goes for throughout.

Score: 8/10




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