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Funkin' Lessons Ep #17 : December 22, 1993


Funkin' Lessons was a hip-hop Radio Show hosted by DJ Blaze and Dr. Phibes, aired on 2MBS (102.5 FM) from 1993 to 1996 and based in Sydney, Australia. Here is the Show #17 from December 22, 1993. 

Talkin' Loud by M.C. Tee & Lord Tasheem
Freakit (Remix) by Das EFX
The 900 Number (Vocal) by The 45 King Featuring Lakim Shabazz
I'm Not Playing by Ultimate Force
Carry The Way (Along Time) by Digital Underground
Phonkie Melodia by Tha Mexakinz
Uptown *hit by Kurious Featuring The Constipated Monkeys
Unknown by Vitamin D
Itz Da Joint by Joint Ventures 
Swung It, Blunted, Brung It by Daddy-O
Way Wit Words by Original Flavor
Pistolgrip-Pump by Volume 10 ‎
L.I. Groove by Hard 2 Obtain
Busted Loop by Yaggfu Front
Rampage/Outta Control by Raw Breed Featuring Godfather Don, Grandmaster Mel & Kool Keith
Greatest Man Alive by Three Times Dope
Ride The Crossfade by Jewel T
Spoonin Rap (Live) by Spoonie Gee ‎
Butterfly Style (It's Yours 93) by Funkmaster Flex Featuring T La Rock
Tha Other Side by Anttex
Streets Of The Ghetto by Ed O.G & Da Bulldogs
Down With The King (Cool Breeze Mix) by Run-DMC
Tuff Is In The House by Tuff Crew
Street Life by Intelligent Hoodlum
Sticky Fingers by Coolio ‎
Living Like There Ain't No Tomorrow by Fūgees (Tranzlator Crew)
From The Bridge Of London by Points Proven Featuring M.A.D.
Mindflip by Paradox
Hate by Giant Size C
Ill Funk Freaker by Express
Lyrical Content by MC Toro
Chris Missed The Point by Def Wish Cast
Danger Rush by JC-001

RIP Robert Sacchinelli




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