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Unda' Ground Asiaticz - Co-Lab Series #04

LP - 1999 - Co-Lab Ent. 

This Co-Lab Series EP volume 04 released in 1999 brings you some indie Hip-Hop material from the West Coast. I found this wax last year at the Flea Market dedicated to vinyl named "Le Marché Dauphine" in Paris, France. 
The A-side contains tracks from artists named The Nothing and Profound... but to be honest not really my kind of shit ! The most interesting side is the B-side which contains tracks from U.A'z a.k.a Unda' Ground Asiaticz, a group from Compton, Los Angeles, produced by DJ Kally Boom Shabazz and Beats 2 Bam.

 I don't really know the name of all the members but all I can say is that the core members of the crew were DJ Kally Boom Shabazz, a West Coast DJ / Producer from Compton Ca, owner of Jess Junk N Jazz Music Group and Whole WH8 Productions, and DJ Zoom a.k.a Kally Zoom a.k.a Zoom Lenz from the Bronx, NY. 




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