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How Hip Hop Has Become "Unacceptable" (an article by Mistah Wilson)

"The likes of Nicki Minaj, Migos, Lil Nas X is overwhelming proof of their acts of war against us."

"Hip Hop as we know it has become so perverted that it now represents a cult that doesn't even reflect our true values."

I'm 31 years old as I'm writing this. I remember being 7 years old watching hip hop music videos on cable television back in the day. Back then, I could name virtually every artist that was out and I was a true fan of the culture. I was placed in this group home in Gardena, CA where one of the staff actually brought up how I knew so much about Hip Hop. Everyone I named, he already knew. Ty was a cool staff, man. 

Fast forward to my "I wanna be a rapper" years (2007-2018) and I was big on local music. For me, it was a big deal for there to be some form of a centralized platform for people to connect with music on a local level. I plunged deep, starting magazines, blogs, and podcasts to help nurture this sense of a united local music scene. But, as tha years came and gone, I would mature past my peers who had somewhat of tha same ambitions in tha arts as I did. Year after year, I found myself less and less intrigued by the vanity of being a famous artist. 

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For my magazine, I started with what I had. A laptop that can render PDFs. Unlike many industry professionals, I loved using PowerPoint over tha more popular and expensive softwares out there. Because I was homeless for a long time, it actually enabled me to get tha scoop from local talent throughout tha town. Interviews, exclusive drops, freestyles, you name it! As I matured, I continued doing what I was always best at...asking questions. I would ask so many questions that even the group home staff would ask me why I ask so many questions lol. 

As I grew older, I found myself falling out of Love for tha chase. Writing songs has always been a part of my repertoire, however, chasing after a career in music started to take a toll. It wasn't so much of tha trivial competitiveness of tha industry moreso than tha caliber of talent whose been actually scoring tha deals. As tha seasons came and went, I took notice of who and what tha industry was shoving in my face. It wasn't too long before I seen a questionable trend of dumbed down music being imposed on fans of tha culture. But, as I looked around tha room, I seemed to be tha only one who would have some form of a reaction towards tha nonsense being pushed on us. Most people in my environment embraced tha foolery. But, for me, I was just too conscious to ignore these flagrant plays made by tha industry. 

"Hip Hop has exposed tha double standard we live as americans. How we pick and choose what we want to determine as real or fake."

Soon enough, I learned that there are "agendas" behind these artists. It began to show that it wasn't necessarily about working hard as much as it was who you knew and how you could finesse a favorable situation. A complete slap in tha face to every true and genuine artist who's sought a career in music. They would tell us things like," Oh, you have to make a song so cool that everyone in tha room has a magical reaction." A cheap artist with backing would come out and fans would say dumb shit like," This is what tha people want to hear." I call bullshit on all of that! Tha people don't even really know what they want, they just know they want to be entertained to some degree. Me, as a huge fan of tha culture, how could you tell me that people wanted to hear garbage when I myself would rather hear inspirational-caliber music? I was all for tha storytelling and game artists would give in their music. What I was not interested in was clown ass music that was made for silly dances. And at what point did it become fashionable for Men to wear skinny jeans? In my book, never. And that leads me to my point. 

Hip Hop as we know it has become so perverted that it now represents a cult that doesn't even reflect our true values. It is being used against us, to help distract us with foolishness. You remember "Fight the Power" by Public Enemy. That was tha true essence of Hip Hop when we talk about it in a communal sense. Then there was a year that I had a moment of clarity. I stopped and thought, why do I look up everyday and see so many new rappers coming out? They would appear on all tha channels, yet, I would never see any of those opportunities reach my neighborhood. By time Kendrick Lamar came out, I was so burnt out on tha Compton story that I tuned him out completely. Even though he was one of the closest things to true Hip Hop, I wasn't one of those dudes who raved about how great his album was. I had no desire to listen to any of it. Then, I look up on Rosemead Boulevard to see his picture blasted across a billboard. It was distasteful. 

Hip Hop has exposed tha double standard we live as americans. How we pick and choose what we want to determine as real or fake. One moment, you hate snitches and want to kill them. The next moment, you're taking a vaccine just to get in tha club ignoring some of tha most surreal implications of our individual sovereignty being threatened and taken away. All in tha name of fun and entertainment. So, we ignore our own vices to tear down tha next person over their mistakes. Hip Hop has become a manufacturing plant for social engineers who are working with an agenda (that isn't their own btw) that doesn't share tha best interest of outside individuals. It has effectively been weaponized against tha minds of our brightest people. Hip Hop was never meant to be used as a bullhorn for "the white man's" agenda and whatever tha heck HE feels he wants us to have or know. Yet, our community has embraced tha lies for so long that it has become their Truth now. 

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How do we play things off as conspiracy with so many indicators saying otherwise? When you look back on the american education system, it is apparent that what we were taught would stunt our growth. Yet, if settling in a country full of strangers wasn't enough, tha idea that life isn't so bad for you when it is for others is a testament to tha level of Love we have for Mankind. For example, you may Love your life because you have wonderful family members. But, tha kid who may never know who his dad is has to walk thru life with identity issues. Not focusing on what he wants to be but trying to understand where he comes from. Now, imagine telling a member of royalty that he or she doesn't know where they come from. It's absurd. They know their own lineage if anybody does. 

Hip Hop here in america has taught generations of children that it is okay to misguide their peers in tha name of "it's a free country". And that's tha lie that most people still believe today. Tha lie that prohibits them from gaining a foundational understanding of tha Truth. Ask yourself, at what point in tha vastness of life do you think from? How far back do you 'think'? How deep do you go? Personally, tha shallow end was not enough for me. I had to dive deep. And my desire to explore tha deep was so pure that I inadvertently taught myself how to swim. 

In my book these days, Hip Hop has become almost entirely "unacceptable". They are promoting values that we do not agree with, as if we're not even here. And if we were gone, this is what they would be doing to our community platforms. Perverting it. Tha perversion came along with tha english settlers who have imposed their wicked philosophy on innocent people. The likes of Nicki Minaj, Migos, Lil Nas X is overwhelming proof of their acts of war against us. Targeting young minds, who don't yet know any better, to be a bad influence on tha populace. Using Hip Hop to promote ideologies that go against tha natural and traditional family unit. Radio stations being used to echo these sentiments. And tha people's alliance with these narratives...all in tha name of what?

Hip Hop has become Unacceptable.



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