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Cornell University Hip Hop Flyer Collection (1976 – 1984)

The Cornell Hip Hop Collection features more than 1,000 party and event flyers ca. 1976 – 1984, the largest known institutional collection of these scarce and important flyers, which have become increasingly valued for the details they provide about early Hip Hop culture.

The nearly 500 flyers digitized to-date include a collection of 127 flyers formerly owned by Breakbeat Lenny (Lenny Roberts), founder and co-producer (alongside his partner, Louis Flores a.k.a. Breakbeat Lou) of the influential LP compilation series “Ultimate Breaks and Beats” and flyers collected by Johan Kugelberg and donated to Cornell University Library in 2007 as part of the founding core of the Hip Hop Collection.

Check out the digitalized flyer collection here.

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