Dangy Omen X – “Citizens Band Radio” (EP Review)

Dany Omen X is an New Orleans trucker turned rapper. ‘Citizen Band Radio’ is his latest EP. This project can be described as a “driving while black” themed EP Centring on the perspective of a black trucker in the American countryside. The EP is five tracks long and features production from multi platinum producer, DJ Precise.

“Trucker Bounce” is the first track on the project and, in my opinion, the best song on the EP. DJ Precise did a good job on the production, using heavy base and melodic keys to hold everything together. Dangy’s performance features some clever rhymes and a catchy hook. He has fun on this.

“Dammit Boy” is a stand out track. I love when artists hit you with their best first. The jazzy production is so clean and allows Dangy to ride the beat with his improvisational, spoken word style. He even fits in a bar alluding to his upcoming rebrand, “Xcalibre…” The hook could have been a bit more interesting, but the song still holds its own.

“Pride” is another stand out.  Once again, a great beat choice to compliment his style. Dangy’s flow is unorthodox, but it works! The same could be said about the hook but it all works together well with those super clean 808’s. I would have liked to hear a second verse, maybe with a feature. Regardless, it was a cool way to end the project.

All in all, this is a decent short body of work. I personally would have liked to hear a little more lyrical substance, although I admit that some of the trucker references may have just gone over my head. Have a listen for yourself and follow Dangy Omen X on Instagram: @xcaliberdaomen

Score: 6/10

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