Baghead – “Dedicated to Those Who” (Instrumental Album)

Audio Vandals presents the latest full-length instrumental album “Dedicated to Those Who“, by rising San Francisco, CA based producer Baghead.  This project is a culmination of all of the styles that Baghead has explored in his career to date and spilled into a seamlessly flowing instrumental Hip Hop album that serves as a love letter to San Francisco.  This is definitely a must listen for all real Hip Hop heads!

Dedicated To Those Who will be accompanied by a visual album/experiemental documentary, dropping on February 26th, that juxtaposes the album with the beauty and struggles of San Francisco. The film is directed by Cerealforthekids, a born and raised San Francisco community organizer and experimental multimedia-maker. Their work utilizes a mixture of new and found media, photography, and animation, often using non-linear storytelling to reflect on temporality and the fluidity of memory.  Follow him on Instagram @baghead.osk @audio_vandals.

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