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Stream & Purchase "What Starts Today" album by Calcei (Hip Hop)

Calcei’s latest album “What Starts Today” traces his four year journey from Detroit, to South Florida, to the Bay Area. The title refers to the starting point and opportunities each new day represents. Calcei also chronicles the evolution an artist undergoes as circumstances and life change. In Hip-Hop, age and maturity are often viewed as a detriment. From Calcei’s perspective, growing older has added humor and depth to his writing and delivery. What starts today, won’t end tomorrow.

The album includes soulful production by Detroit artists Ohkang and Olos, Calcei’s frequent collaborators. Ohkang also adds his emcee skills to two tracks. Michigan, now of Philly, emcee SelfSays’ lyrical prowess is exhibited on “Lots of Friends.” Detroit rhymer Stryfe provides his hard-hitting emcee skills on “What Starts Today.” Toronto emcee/producer 9Planets contributes both superlative production and rhymes on “Middle Aged Rap.” Two tracks feature the classic production of one of Camden’s finest, Seven El. Finally, UK producer Pimpernal Jones adds his jazzy boom bap to the project.



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