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Meet Modern Fine Art Painter "Veronica Ruiz de Velasco" from Dallas, Texas

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Mexican-born Ruiz de Velasco studied under Rufino Tamayo and Gilberto Aceves Navarro. At age 28, Ruiz de Velasco became one of the youngest female artists featured in the Modern Art Museum of Mexico, in addition to being commissioned to paint a mural at the ABC Hospital that was attended by Prince Charles of Wales.

Among her notable accomplishments, commissions, recognitions and accolades are:
•One of 5 featured artists selected to create a piece representing Mexico during the South Africa FIFA World Cup.
•Created a portrait for President Bill Clinton during his time in the White House.
•Had pieces of her work featured in the International Airport in Mexico City, Gallery of the Loteria National of Mexico, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas Fort Worth Airport.
•A piece featured on the cover of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist.
•Selected as an influential female artist in the “Masterpieces of Visual Artist- The Great Female Artists from Middle Ages to Modern Era- Woman in the Art” 2013.



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