Perspective A Review by Jhantu Randall

When it comes to those who reach for the spotlight through their music it’s common to picture someone who’s willing to do almost anything to get their moment. So it’s refreshing to come across someone who puts out music and shares their passions through countless other avenues while at the same time never going out of their way to draw attention to themselves.
With that being said, this review is on the ep release “Perspective” by Realife. 

If you’ve followed any of my writing for Tha Wilson Block, you’ll recall that the first article I ever published on it was on Gerald Realife Beamon, it’s honestly because of him that I was even given the opportunity to work on this platform to begin with so when it comes to showing appreciation, I always pay homage to those who opened the door for me. Over the last couple years I had attended many live performances in which Realife was the closing act, rarely changing his playlist he was determined to allow his songs to have a bigger impact by truly resonating with the audience. Recently, Realife dropped his project entitled “Perspective.” From hearing the songs live I must say the translation to recording them holds up, the same energy and passion exists in the bars, the studio production just makes the message clearer to the listener.

The intro is creatively done as he uses samples from various movies and shows, The Boondocks being one of them, to spell out his vision before he even spits a single bar, from there he unleashes, showing the listener that humble doesn’t mean he’s not a fierce opponent on the mic. Track 2 entitled “Black Privilege” is a song I return to often as I feel the words as he spells out the experience that many face on pretty much a daily basis. In true fashion his dream can be described as one of America’s nightmares but not in the way you’d expect, instead their fear could resonate from the fact that a rapper with a business sense could be more effective than one who allows themselves to be boxed in. The song itself will definitely leave you with something to think about if nothing else. “Studious” and “Born Alone” both give glimpses into his thought process as he reveals bits and pieces of his experiences, but also an inside look on what it is that drives him to continue to not stray from his own path, but rather to build upon it. “No Strings Attached” is rather self explanatory so I leave that one for the listener to create an opinion on, however its the closing track “Grand Scale Dreamer” which stands out.

For me that track sums up the entire project leaving the listener wanting just a bit more to continue, regardless, after this project, Realife may have finally put himself in the mc conversation to an audience who may not have been aware before. As a throwback I myself say its past time to Crown the Kings.

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