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EVENT: 12/30/18 Architectural Legacy Walking Tours

Saturday, December 30th 10:00 a.m. & 1:00 p.m.Members $15, Non-Members $20 /// Buy Tickets

The Blacker House

The Hillcrest Neighborhood tour invites tour goers to discover one of Pasadena's most beautiful neighborhoods with a variety of historic architectural styles. The Oak Knoll subdivision, of which
Hillcrest is part, was intended to rival the wealthy neighborhoods of Orange Grove and the "West Side" (San Rafael and Linda Vista), so many of the estate size lots were intended for custom home development. Showcased on the tour are numerous grand estate mansions along with Craftsman homes such as the Freeman House designed by architects Arthur and Alfred Heineman and the Culbertson House and Blacker House both designed by Charles and Henry Greene.

Civic Center District and Fountains Walking Tour

The Pasadena Civic Center tour provides local residents and visitors with a unique look at the area's intriguing architectural history. Our Civic Center is a product of the "City Beautiful" Movement led by renowned planner Daniel Burnham, which began at the 1893 World Columbia Exposition in
Chicago. Edward H. Bennett, protégé of Burnham, created Pasadena's 1925 plan. In May 2012, the American Planning Association awarded the National Planning Landmark Award to the Bennett Plan, recognizing the City's dedication to its implementation over the years. There will be anecdotes of individuals such as architect Julia Morgan, who designed the former YWCA building; George Ellery Hale, who was the driving force behind Civic Center's construction, and others, who helped to create and maintain the Mediterranean style of architecture within this beautiful civic core. Also seen on this tour are numerous fountains - some designed by notable Pasadena artists, architects, and landscape designers such as Ernest Batchelder, Myron Hunt and Ruth Shellhorn.



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