Meet Hip Hop Songwriter "Jav DaHart" from Patterson, Louisiana

Jav DaHart is a rock/hip hop singer and songwriter who is a vital new force in music. Influenced by his love and experience making hip hop, rock, and other styles, his main focus is crafting great songs with conscious ideas, where the message is key. A native of Patterson, Louisiana, he is now a Seattle artist, having journeyed physically and musically by way of Houston and other points. His tracks can be deceptively laid back and chill, but contain serious messages about life. He wants to use his music to break the ever-present cycle of violence and reckless pursuit of material gain that affects us all Jav loves songwriting and telling a story. His live shows are a cool chill vibe, with the audience enjoying the sounds yet also having their thoughts provoked. Among other philosophies, he believes in avoiding profanity as much as possible in his work. catch his As Above, So Below, on Spotify. You will not be disappointed.

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