Meet Hip Hop Musician "MoeBetta ThaGoddess" from Syracuse, New York

MoeBetta is a hip hop goddess from Syracuse,NY. She was born on December 6, 1985 on the Southside and attended middle and high school in the inner city . She began using poetry to express her inner desires and emotions . She started to rap when a friend suggested that her poems would sound nice to music. From there she began to evolve. Since releasing her mixtape, Reflections of an Inner Goddess on she has been touring New York and has even been interviewed by WVOA FM radio station. Her future goals are to branch off into visual and graphic arts, production,and songwriting. She is influenced by the works of Lauryn Hill, Nas, Mobb Deep,Lil Kim and Tupac Shakur. It was the content of their lyrics , their motivational drive , and controversial image that caught her attention. 

Using her talents she intends to make an impact on the minds and hearts of her listeners by encouraging them to look within themselves to become everything they were born to be.

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