Artists, Musicians, & Entrepreneurs! Your Story Can Inspire The World!

Artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs who are interested in being featured and formally recognized for who you are and/or what you do can fill out a Formal Artist Introduction form. By filling out this form, you are giving us everything we need to make a quality post on our blog. This is how local artists can introduce themselves and gain proper recognition for who they are.

Submitting a Formal Artist Introduction is free and includes
  • a permanent link on our website
  • Blog feature
  • Social Media feature
  • Magazine feature (You Will Get Your Own Full Page!)
  • Eligibility for WilsonBlock100 Charts
If you would like to share your art/story further, you can book an exclusive article interview with Mistah Wilson. Exclusive Interviews are $15 for 10 questions and $25 for 20 questions. Exclusive interviews include
  • Professional and relevant Questions about your career, goals, and experiences. Yes, we check out your work and generate questions that help you explain it in your words.
  • Published on our Blog and Social Media (Syndicated)
  • Professionally designed spread in ThaWilsonBlock Magazine
  • A Professional PDF Copy of your Interview for Promo Purposes
  • Your Link Permanently on our Website
For more information, please feel free to Text or Call (626)817-6978

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