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How Ma$e Won the Battle, but Lost the War against Cam'ron
WilsonBlock Wednesdays w/ Dom Promo feat. The Game + Cam'ron + Grynch + Mac Judah + Hendo (11.29.17)
Kendall Alley, Pasadena, California by Mistah Wilson Photography
WilsonBlock Wednesdays (November 22nd, 2017) featuring KStone + Watchyatone + Willie Bravo + Hendo + Mac Judah + EYE Sounds + Frank Bank + Tyk ThaMob + & more ...
Meet Music Producer/Songwriter "West Coast Collaborators" from Portland, Oregon
Meet Comedian "Eden Young" from Los Angeles, CA
Meet Artist Promoter "BIG MOE" from Pasadena, CA
1300 East Orange Grove Boulevard & 700 Holliston Avenue, Pasadena, California by Mistah Wilson Photography
Atlanta R&B Musician MONROE talks Indie Label, His Dream Team, & Motivation for Making Music in an Exclusive Interview w/ Mistah Wilson
Meet Hip Hop Musician FRANK BANK from Pasadena, CA
Meet Musical Entrepreneur "Tyke ThaMob" from Tacoma, WA
Seattle rapper Langston Doobs talks Passion for the Arts, Inspiration to Music, & How he got his Alias
Meet Singer/Songwriter/Producer "Xavier Lamar Truesdell" aka XL from Chicago, IL
Hip Hop Musician "HENDO" talks Shows, Mixtapes, & Life growing up in Tacoma, WA in an Exclusive Interview w/ Mistah Wilson
WilsonBlock Wednesdays featuring Damiano Unique (November 15th, 2017)
Meet Hip Hop Songwriter "M da Great" from Greenville, SC
Meet Hip Hop Musician "HENDO" from Tacoma, WA
1200 East Orange Grove Boulevard & Chester Avenue, Pasadena, California by Mistah Wilson Photography
Songwriter M.K. Gray talks Creativity, Music Publishing, & How He Deals with Writer's Block
Meet Hip Hop Producer Duo "The Goldmine" from Brooklyn, NY
Meet Rapper "CallumJP" from Pasadena, CA
Meet Hip Hop Recording Artist "JERUSALEM / SCARFELLA MUSIC" from Schenectady, NY
Meet Music Producer "Rockton Road" from Altadena, CA
Meet Americana Songwriter "Eli Gardiner" from Sault Ste. Marie, MI
Meet R&B Musician "MONROE" from Atlanta, GA
Meet Trill/Phonk/Rap Musician "$krrt Cobain" from Waco, TX
Tacoma, WA Artist Kev King Cold talks Local Music, Influences, and How He Got Started as an Artist
Meet Gospel/Contemporary Christian Singer "Ernest Musik" from Cleburne, TX
ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue57 (November 2017)
Houston Musician ANTHERIUS Exclusive Interview on Music, Tech, and "Distant Christmas"
Meet Soul R&B Musician OCKLEY from Lusaka, Zambia
"Rebirth" LP by Maya Huyana
Meet Country Songwriter M.K. Gray from Normal, Illinois
Orange Grove Boulevard & Michigan Avenue, Pasadena, California by Mistah Wilson Photography
Download 'Tha Ghetto's Preacher" mixtape by KStone featuring Jay Mulah, Kali Slim, & more...
Meet Hip Hop Musician "Langston Doobs" from Seattle, WA
Cracka Smile - Get Mine ft. Young Infinite
Now Accepting New Artist Submissions for ThaWilsonBlock Magazine. All Genres Encouraged to Submit!
Mistah Wilson speaks on 'Ethnic Bias' Amongst Pasadena News Outlets + Shouts Out Major James, Joey Tripp, KStone, Michael Jones, Aron Fletcher, & more...